I wouldn’t know what Obasanjo is insinuating. He has perchance for noise making. He loves grandstanding and he is a terrible impostor. He desperately needs the third term and he has not forgiven progressive Nigerians for truncating that evil political coup plotted against this beautiful land.
If you are kidding about the veracity of the news of the third term coup, kindly read Nasir’s “accidental public servant” . Obasanjo has a crafty capability and capacity for double speaking. He is self conceited and of holy-man syndrome. When Saint Obasanjo saw that
late Yar’Adua was not taking instructions from him, he started subtle condemnation of the government.

When he saw that Jonathan preferred taking instructions from ogogoro to listening to him, he started writing letters and claimed that some imaginary snippers have been mandated to take his life.

Now that Buhari prefers to listen to cows to taking instructions from Saint Obasanjo, he has started writing letters and claiming that Buhari wants to jail him.

Now, if you ask who will want Obasanjo seriously probed, yours truly wants! This is a man that transmogrified into multibillionaire in a spate of eight years with a world class university in his kitty. What kind of lucrative farming business that didn’t yield that much in twenty years running and sprung up within eight years?! We want to know so that we, – hard working youths – can follow.

In all these, I don’t care who goes to jail in these wrangling. Be it in the Senate, house of representatives, APC, PDP, former presidents, governors and others. I don’t care as well if the players in this government bag jail term as a result of probes by other governments. What I care for is that Nigeria is liberated. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the beginning of that move.
Junaid Yunus Olalekan.

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