Is separation or total divorce the solution? No, CAPITAL NO. Nigerians, after the civil war suddenly became very selfish, hostile and lost the love of brotherhood that we enjoyed in the days of Tafawa Balewa, Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikwe. We no longer care about dignity and we are now so shameless. I wonder how a woman feels when she was accused of stealing public fund worth millions of American Dollars in a country where sudden death takes its toll daily on the citizen as a result of abject poverty and poor life style.
I am surprised to hear her telling the parliament that her lawyer would respond appropriately and the next day she has gotten an injunction from our corrupt Judiciary not to tamper with her fundamental human right.
Sometimes ago, I heard a Governor joined civil servants on strike. Is it not funny? A Governor who is the Chief Executive Officer of the state; who is responsible for payment of salary and management of the economy of the state, protesting against himself! Shameless.
A former Governor of Lagos State once stated that it shouldn’t take a responsible officer more than six months to fix our electricity supply. The former Governor has now spent close to 3years as the chief executive officer in charge of the same ministry without any improvement, rather the situation is getting worrisome. Shameless. In one of our previous editorials, I asked the IPOB and Avengers who they are actually fighting. Same question I asked Boko Haram in 2011. You are fighting the Government by killing your own people and destroying your own towns and villages? The Avengers should realize that it is the Niger Delta poor people that suffer from their actions, the fishermen, the farmers and unskilled workers from Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta States.
IPOB, should realize that any odd action taken in Onitsha or Abakaliki has no effect on Abuja or Lagos, rather it is an attack on the Igbo and Igbo Economy, it is very easy to destroy but difficult to rebuild.
We urgently need to return to the regional or state autonomy to enable us discover ourselves as a nation big and strong.
Nigeria’s East, West, North and South are well blessed- there is no region without one or two natural gift of Nature or the other, the entire North Central starting from Oke Ako in Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State to Nasarawa State is well endowed with iron and tin, the whole of Ijesa ridge through Erijiyan Ekiti to Igbara Oke in Akure is well blessed with precious stones of different kinds. What of the bitumen belt that runs from Benin through Agbabu, Oloda and Sabome in Ondo State to Lagos State, to mention a few.
Resource control: I think it is now time for a new legislation to allow states to be in control of their natural resources. If states are in control of their nature’s gift, States like Ondo, Lagos and Ogun would definitely own refineries and if states are allowed to control resources, Ondo, Edo and Ogun would have completed bitumen plants and get them running.
The states blessed with solid minerals like Plateau, Oyo, Kogi, Kebbi Niger and Ekiti would definitely build factories to refine their products. If Federal government hands off resource control and gives the states free hand there would be job opportunities for our youths and young graduates. The legislature should make room for strong State and weaker center.
If States in Nigeria are given more power, there would be room for greater development and better value. In the days of regional government in Nigeria, the West developed their region with proceeds from cocoa, rubber, palm kernel/oil and kolanut. The West was able to provide the westerners free education; they built the first Radio and Television station, a University and Polytechnics. In fact the establishment of WEMABOD paved way for more development and setting up of factories in Ikeja, Shagamu, Ibadan, Ikene and Oyo.
The North with proceeds from cotton and groundnut was able to sets up textile factories in Kano and Kaduna. Likewise the East was able to develop and provide for the Easterners.
By returning to the region or resource control, problems of unemployment would be solved and there would be rapid social economic development. Regional autonomy/resource control is one of the strengths of the United States of America’s democracy.
Nigerians Think! Think!! Think!!! Let’s go back to the regions! Resource control is realistic!!!

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