a teacher in one of the public primary schools in the popular city of Lagos, Nigeria. I will like to share my experience on the challenges the average Nigeria children face and the background or foundation that build their future.
As a young lady, I always wonder how our society got to the level it is toda, a level of indiscipline, corruption, bad behavior and unfriendly environment. My experience as a public primary school teacher gave answers to some of my questions.
Ignorance on the part of some Nigerian parents due to lack of formal education is the major contribution to some of the menace in our society. In the course of interaction with some of these children, I discovered some parents lack adequate knowledge on the proper upbringing of a child such as personal hygiene, inculcation of moral value and sex education

High level of poverty has eaten deep into our society. Some parents are informed but inadequate finance lead to their deformity. Most of these parents do all sort of odd jobs to make ends meet. Some are hawkers, mechanics, house helps, bricklayers, okada riders, vulcanizers etc. Government made primary education free, made provision for school uniform, sandals, socks, text books but still some parents complain of not having enough to buy soap to wash their children or Ward’s uniform, to buy stationeries or to make new uniforms for their wards when the old ones become tattered.
Parents also have “I don’t care attitude” towards education. Some parents don’t care if their children goes to school or stay at home for days or weeks. Whether they write in the school or not is non of their business, home work is meant for the teacher(to be returned the same way it was given). Some don’t even care about the well being of their own children.
It will interest you to know that parents that has financial issue to deal with has more than four children in primary school. They can’t even afford three square meal. How do they want to survive. A child collapsed on the assembly ground sometimes back, only to find out that the child was short of blood. They aren’t financially buoyant to take care of more than one child.
Some parents are just to busy to pay attention to their children or wards. They stay in the same house yet far away leaving them vulnerable to their peers or the unsecured environment. Most of these parents resides in the slum.
In order to save our society from the menace and protect our future, adequate parental education or training should be made available for parents starting a family in our Government and religious organizations.
Also, social welfare unit should be created in all schools to attend to special cases of children when the teacher notice inadequacy in their upbringing. The department will invite the parents for counseling and also train the children on how to add value to the society.
Finally, Government should also make provision for special needs where parents cannot afford the basic need of their children, such people should be referred to welfare unit for support where necessary.

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