I read with utter dismay an article titled, “Acting the Dankwambo, Nafada Script in Gombe’ by one Ibrahim Sani on an online news medium last night, and I can’t help but feel bad about the lack of insight and perspicuity in the piece.

The writer like many other sponsored enemies of Gombe State is only concerned with condemning Gombe State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, OON, Talba. Gombe, Senator Usman Bayern Nafada and the most credible, free and fair primaries of the PDP in the State. From the first paragraph to the last, there was nothing in the piece but falsehood and deceit.

It may interest Sani to know that, it is the same Reggae legend, Bob Marley, who once said, “Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.” Nothing deliberates Jamila Isyaku Gwamna’s misdemeanors like the above saying.

He is a man whose feeling changed with time for just no course. How will the good people of Gombe State trust such a man. When they have a man in Gombe State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Talban Gombe whose feelings remain the same even when time changes. A man who has done so much for the state to make it a better place for all and a man who allowed a free and fair choice of succession.

Before I proceed, I will want to ask the writer of that mischievous piece a few questions because he is clearly doing more harm with that piece than good to Jamilu Gwamna – JIG as he called him; how many followers did JIG decamped with to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and how many of such followers is a prominent politician in the political arena of Gombe State?

Does JIG have any State or grassroot political structure? Was there any party chieftain or stakeholder he consulted with before defecting to the APC less than six hours after loosing the governorship primaries? Since his defection, how many of his PDP loyalist have joined him in the APC as a conviction that what he did was right and he has the backing of his followers?

As far as Gombe State political arena is concerned, JIG is nothing but an opportunist and a power-monger, who wants to get there at all cost. JIG is a political novice and it is an established fact that Talban Gombe and Distinguish Senator Bayero Nafada are not his mates in politics, and if the PDP primaries is not enough prove for that, the general elections will prove that come 2019 Insha-Allah.

It is baffling that anyone will even condemn Talban Gombe with all the good he has done for the State. When his contemporaries are battling to pay salaries; Dankwambo has constructed over 1782kms of road networks, hospitals, schools and empowerment of thousands of women and youths.

It is Allah who giveth health and taketh it, Sani should know that and it’s unfortunate if he doesn’t. But Senator Nafada is super healthy to govern Gombe State and he has the wherewithal and insight to continue the good things Dankwambo has done for Gombe State. How on earth does anybody even think Inuwa Yahaya a serial looser can defeat Senator Nafada in any election – Nafada a man who has won every election he has contested by (Allah SWT)God and a determined political structure.

Nafada is a man who bears no grudge against anybody and plans no evil or vengeance against any native of Gombe State. Just like Talban Gombe, he will also desist from using government to award contracts to his father’s company or give juicy work installments to his self, relatives and families – nepotism will never be part of his government; it is going to be a credible government for all just like Talban Gombe did.

To quote another writer with a piece from a different online medium, Nafada has been in the mainstream of the political process for quite some time unlike JIG who is a novice, both at the national and the state level. This grassroots politician has earned and sustained the trust of his constituency and of those opportuned to have come close to him over the last two decades.

Gombe State has a very interesting political atmosphere in which the people unequivocally state their stands when it comes to the choice of leadership, promotion of good governance and sustenance of democracy. And I have no doubt that come 2019, the people of the state will queue behind our man, Nafada and cast their votes to Distinguish Senator Bayero Usman Nafada and Talban Gombe.

Notably, the state is home to electorates whose attachment is not to follow the crowd just because every one is joining the political bandwagon but an attachment to quality leadership and effective representation. This is why the likes of Senator Nafada could rise through the ranks to his current position as a lawmaker in the hallowed chamber of our nation’s National Assembly to vie for the number one seat in the state.

With the coming of Nafada into its fold, the view is that the PDP is bouncing back to its full potential and is fast solidifying in the face of dissatisfaction with the performance of APC, on one hand and the consequent conscientious rise of politicians of high standing like Bayero Usman Nafada. This army of credible politicians appears to have a consensus on rebuilding the country and their respective states in various capacities on the platforms of the PDP in the coming years.

But what does the return of Senator Bayero Nafada hold for the Gombe PDP family? The fact remain clear that as a man who has immense followership in the state and long entrenched political structure, Nafada’s return and his long-term interest in the governorship of the state is a good prospect for a state that needs all the competence it can get in sustaining the good work of the outgoing administration of Talban Gombe.

Junaidu Usman Abubakar is the Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity, to Gombe State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo OON, Talban Gombe.

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