An indigen of Saki Community in Oyo State but based in United Kingdom, Prince. Adebayo Adeleke, has been commended for his selfless services, humanity, altitude and attitudes in his area of callings.
Adebayo Adeleke has been working at Camberwell garage for over two years. He has since received 12 public commendations; he has received 11 since the beginning of 2019!
This is an incredible result, which not only landed Adebayo a couple hundred pounds in vouchers, which also goes to show that positive attitude and friendly manner is noticed by the members of the public.
It was however gathered that, Customers often commend Adebayo’s friendly attitude and his smooth style of driving. One of the many things that all commendations have in common is that Adebayo drives in a professional manner and waits for elderly passengers to be seated before moving off.
One passenger has said –
“The driver drove well, close to the kerb for old aged people to get in and out and waited for them to their seats before pulling off.”
Another passenger commended Adebayo for his eager attitude to help “I boarded the bus at High Street, the driver was so good to me, I needed to get to Fulham but did not know which bus to take. He brought out a driver’s book and took his time to tell me which buses go to Fulham”

Adeleke has also gone the extra mile and has been commended for helping an autistic boy when he left his phone on the bus, Adeleke even charged it for him so that he could use it the next day!
A very big thank you to Mr Adeleke for always providing an excellent customer service.


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