The transport sector of Nigeria economy has suffered serious set back for many years, especially the railway corporations. The railway sector used to be the main mode of transportation from the North to the South in the early post independent era to late 70s, transporting both human being, goods and commodities. Train transportation was also used back then to move coal from Enugu in the East to the North among others.
This department however started to experience collapse in the 80s; from one level of problem to another inclusive of issues like non payment of salary, inavailability of running and maintenance cost and pensioners crises etc.
There is no gain saying the fact that Rail transport system can be considered as an important tool for National Economic growth: The government of president Muhammadu Buhari took the bull by the horns under the supervision of the Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi. It is on record that the government injected new blood into the sector of our transport ministry to end the problem of Nigerian Railway Corporations, starting with a modern rail system in Abuja from central area to the Nnamdi Azikwe international airport and a special link to Kaduna city.

Ebony Herald International took time to sort the views of some of the customers from Abuja to Kaduna:
Chief Peter Osadebay, the National Chairman president Muhamadu Buhari Continuity Network: When I got to the train station at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport Abuja, I almost forgot that I was in Nigerian. I went to the counter to pay for my ticket, I was told it is free from Airport to Area one, I can’t just believe it. I saw children from nursery class to secondary school level on excursion moving up and down beaming with smiles – you can see the happiness in them. This is the Nigeria of my dream.
From the next station, I bought a first class ticket for just two thousand Naira 2,000. It was so comfortable with air conditioner and we were served with menu; in all, the treatment was supperb. From Abuja to Kaduna took us less than 2hours.
Another passenger from Niger State, Hon. Yawale Maibeza described his experience at the new rail system as very sweet and interesting. ” Please tell the whole world that Muhammadu Buhari is working. This is a new Nigeria happening in our time.
Ebony Herald International also spoke with a Lebanese: “The service is good and safer than driving from Abuja to Kaduna on road. It is cool in here, I feel good; the service is good and the workers are excellent too” he said.

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