Motunde Fajuyi
Motunde Fajuyi

The APC chairmanship candidate for the forthcoming local government election in Ado Ekiti, Hon(Mrs) Motunde Fajuyi has made a promise of better governance at the grassroot.

In an interview with newsmen after the inauguration of Ado APC campaign committee for the upcoming local government elections, the chairmanship candidate said, “All the good works that have been mapped out by His Excellency, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi will be embarked upon and carried down to the local level”

She added that Ado Ekiti is too big to be ignored and anyone that wants to succeed in act of governance as chairman in Ado, “must reach out to all the nooks and cranies of the state capital to ensure the state government projects are carried out and implemented”

Hon. Motunde Fajuyi stated furthered that, “it will require the support and effort of the state deputy governor, Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi, myself, all the councillors and other relevant stakeholders to reach out to all areas and bring about even development in Ado Ekiti”

The APC chairmanship candidate expressed optimism of her victory at the upcoming local government election in Ado local government and called on all electorates to cast their votes for her.

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