In other to create synergy between  The Nigeria custom service and the clearing Agents, The Area Comptroller Tincan Island Port, Comptroller Musa M.B.A who recently assumed duty , has re-activated  the Dispute resolution committee which will now   run on a daily  basis.
The Comptroller  stated this at the Inaugural Breakfast meeting with the media on Wednesdays at the Tincan Island Port  Lagos
According to him, the Dispute resolution committee(DRC), use to meet twice a  week to deliberate  on conflicts arising from valuation, classification and PAAR and also to clear issues raised by clearing  Agents before will now be attending to issues with immediate  effects as the help desk  will now be made more responsive and domicile at the PRO’S office.
He added  that the Nigeria Customs Service is committed to contributing to the economic  growth and competitiveness through trade facilitation and Ease of  doing Business initiative of  the Federal Government by making Customs process and procedures  more efficient  in other to reduce cost of transaction for doing business and as well as the ease of doing business in the country, so as to improve the country’s economy and the standard of living in the country
“Our mission is to  facilitate trade, Revenue collection, National security, capacity building,    creating atmosphere for  ease of doing and ensure 48hours cargo clearance time. we will  also see that  all revenue leakage are totally blocked, so as to collect appropriate duties and meet our target “he said
The Tincan custom boss further said that the Nigeria Customs Service is fully ready to serve, as they will continue to engage in capacity building in all core customs Areas which include classification, Data management, Valuation, risk management  among others .
Comptroller musa further said that the security of Nigeria as a country is paramount, and Nigeria Customs Service is  out to  ensure environment and social protection, which inlude National security, contribute in the fight against Terrorism, interception of illegal and dangerous goods  coming into the country.
 In conclusion, the Comptroller applauded the media for thier immense reportage and also seek for thier support and cooperation.

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