Women in IDP’s Camp

The rate of kidnapping of women and children in Ondo State and neighbouring State of Ekiti between 2013 and 2015 was worrisome that people were afraid of taking public taxi cab in the day time; Ebony Herald International Magazine reported cases of Mrs. David West and the Twin Sister who were kidnapped and taken to Edo State, we also reported the case of Mrs. Rachael Kolajo who was kidnapped while preparing for her 51st Birthday and only gain her freedom after few days.

It is frightening to see this ugly trend resurfacing again since 2017 December in a more horrible manner, horrible in the sense that most of their victims are now being offer for sale for rituals, especially when their ransoms are not paid in time.

Our worries are why are women and children their main target? Reports from Kidnapped victims shows Women and Children suffer most in the Kidnappers & Ritual Killers.

The upsurge in the wave of kidnapping in Ondo State since last year keeps increasing while the authorities are without solutions. Hoodlums unleashed fear, misery and death in the process driving pain and sorrow through many hearts, mostly woman and children suffer series of losses through this acts, such as Pregnancy Lost, Abuse, traumatized with loss of mind and runs many into psychological disdain & Injuries of both Physical and Internal

Some were kidnapped without a trace till today by daredevil, (a bad one is that of Akinola since 2004) while some only got back the bodies of their love ones in body bags. Some with chartered body, having some bodies parts been removed.

In a case of one of the victim of July 2018, a relative narrated how Mrs. Doris Oluayo was abducted with her son on the 12th July 2018 at her store in Ijapo Estate in Akure by 3men gang with a white Hilux van at about 1pm and was driven away to an unknown destination

She was kidnapped for 5 days, in her case no ransom was demanded, but at intervals they claim they are hired killers engaged by someone to take her life and the services has been paid for.

She was moved from one location to another making it difficult for any trace of her for that 5 days, she was to be killed but the hoodlum planned to sell the mother and son to ritual killers, thereby moving her to where they would get a buyer.

The drama that lead to her escape started on the 5th day after two of the gang left the camp to meet one of their client and suddenly there was sporadic shooting close by and the only guy left behind to watch her and the little boy ran for cover to forestall possible attack by police or any security agents.

Madam Doris too quickly pick her son and began to run in the bush until she miraculously found her way to the road in a place called Sugarland Camp, she tried stopping many vehicles for help, many passes without noticing her until one Mr. Emmanuel a God sent stopped and gave her and the little boy a lift to the nearest city called Port Harcourt in faraway River State.

between February 14th and 17th men of underworld lay siege along Akure/ Owo/Akoko road kidnapping women and children only and releasing men to search for ransom before their family could be release in the event a Polytechnic lecture lost his live while an accountant was killed in Ekiti State for resisting being kidnapped.

The question now is how long are we going to continue to live in fear in our own land? The case of Ido Ani Bank robbery of Monday 8th April is another bad story, women and Children again suffered most in the ugly incidence.

What are the security agencies doing to make live worth living for the people?

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