I read with a mixture of amusement and sad shaking of head the article “Expounding Danger Of Dankwambo, Nafada Script In Gombe”, penned by unidentified Ibrahim Sani. I will immediately proceed to address the issues he raised in his article.

I am initially reticent to write this rejoinder because the writer is so myopic minded that I don’t feel the need to gratify his shallow mindedness with a response, but I wouldn’t want my silence or lack of response to be mistaken for fear or cowardice.Because the said silence is an automatic consent.

People like Sani don’t deserve anybody’s time that is why I will hasten to point out that the bulk of the issues Sani raised in his article of the above title were issues I discussed in an earlier article. I wrote a Pro – Dankwambo article and Sani took me up on it and tried to change my narrative. I stuck to what I felt were incontrovertible facts but Sani went ahead to attack me and my person, saying all sorts of derogatory things about my work and personality.

I am not in any way surprise by the bad antics of Ibrahim Sani or whatever his name is. He is trying to portray an intelligence and smartness he lacks by condemning my good work. It may interest Sani to know that intelligent people don’t attack personalities, they stay on the discourse and reel out facts or contradictions on rejoinders like that. Why he took most of his article to say lies about me only shows the kind of person he is – a shallow-minded scallywag.

Before I go further, I wish to stress that, this is the last time I will respond to such clowns again. I will never descend so low to join words with sponsored fake writers like Sani again, if he wishes to have a proper debate about good governance, name a broadcast medium and I will show to school him on the rudiments of democracy.

It’s an established fact that payment of salaries is a thing every reasonable government does as an achievement or not, one just needs to look at APC states like Adamawa,Kogi, Osun and Bauchi to make sense out of that. Even a toddler in the state knows that Gombe state governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Talban Gombe has done for the state a 100 times more than what Danjuma Goje did in sphere of governance. Goje handed over a failed state ridden with pension debts and deteriorated infrastructure to Dankwambo.

Ibrahim Sani is actually thinks Goje means well for Gombe State that singular notions convinced me that this man needs to see psychiatrist if he is really a citizen of the state. How does one appraise a man promoted all the traditional rulers to first class chiefs and refused to pay their salaries because he knew he was leaving and that will be the burden of the next governor? How?

Before highlighting some of the achievements of Dankwambo in the state, I want to say that despite the big political witchhunt and distractions from the ingrates like Ibrahim Sani, Dankwambo has not lost focus of the real essence of governance, especially in the area of improving the lives of the citizenry by ensuring delivery of infrastructural development that will affect the people both directly and indirectly.

For instance, Dankwambo has been commended for achieving several things much more than all his predecessors put together. One is his ability to dismantle the menace and excesses of the Kalare hoodlums turning them into worthy ambassadors of the state through different skill trainings and jobs. A problem which for many years portrayed Gombe state in a negative perspective.

Governor Dankwambo Talban Gombe constructed over 1780 kilometres of Roads networks around Gombe state,upgraded the 1500-bed Urban Maternity to Children & Women Hospital Idi. Constructed a Dialysis Centre, in the Specialist Hospital Gombe. Constructed College of Nursing and Midwifery, Dukku. Constructed a Snake-bite Centre in Kaltungo as well as supply and installation of 8 Dialysis machines.

Governor Dankwambo rehabilitated and reticulated pipelines & extension to Kwami, Gadam etc. And provided extension of water supply to Baure, Dangar and many more communities not forgetting the construction of Earth dam at Boh, Shongom LGA.

Even in the midst of crunched economy, and technical recession, Governor Dankwambo has improved the living condition of Gombe people through laudable and human development oriented projects.As of today Gombe state investment rises to all time higher, from less than mere 100 million naira to over 4 billion naira after most of our properties in Kano,Kaduna,Abuja,are been sold by the former governor. Talban Gombe,established a micro finance bank for farmers and SMEs in all of the local Govt areas in the state and was to break the jinx of fertilizer monopoly by making much more available to the farmers as he procures over 250 tractors – from Mersi Ferguson of Italy as well as other farming implements. Talban Gombe constructed 50 times more roads than all of his predecessors – all of them had one dual use road and Talba has eight.

He renovated/constructed over 650 classrooms, recruited of over 2,000 Degree/NCE graduates apart from training of over 5,000 teachers. He also established a School of Basic and Remedial studies in Kumo, Universty of sciences and technology kumo,College of Education In Billiri, State Polytechnic in Bajoga, College of Legal and Islamic Studies in Nafada and sponsored 25 Students in Maritime Studies in India & United kingdom.

Talban Gombe has upgraded the International Airport, which is fully functional and well equipped by the administration with regular flight schedules by Arik Air and Azman.Not only that Talban Gombe is the only Governor that completed all abandoned projects left by his predecessors.And if all of these doesn’t portray good governance to sad cynists like Sani, then I don’t know where he got his understanding of good governance from

For Jamilu Isiaku Gwamna, I will expect his allies and associates to tell him the truth, his decision to decamp to the APC only shows him as the cheap power-monger that he is and that was his second biggest mistake in politics.The first being his connivance with the the APP executives to betray his Boss Late Abubakar Habu Hashidu of blessed memories by contesting against a man who brought him to the limelight and made him who he was then – pushing Hashidu to Bafarawa’s DPN.

The abandonment of ethics in the articulation of private fixations has reached its most disgusting level in the domain of rejoinder writing in Gombe State. It is necessary to state this now so that Ibrahim Sani would not go away feeling conceited that there was honour in his use of dishonourable tactics.

In an obtuse bid to massage his ego and satisfy a false sense of accomplishment, he reduced my previous analysis of the political developments in Gombe state to a product of dishonest attack on JIG, Mr Sani that submission was patently unfair, infantile, pitiable and cheap. I rest my case.

Junaidu Usman Abubakar is the Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity, to Gombe State Governor, writes from George Washington University, Allington, Virginia, US.

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