The ongoing Penssioners verification excercise in some locations in Nigeria has been described as undue hardship on senior citizens.

The excercise started on the 15th of July in 3 locations in South West, Osogbo, Ibadan and Abekuta.

Many of the senior citizens have been in those locations since Saturday sleeping outside without the hope of knowing when they would return home.

Some of the penssioners at Apata in Ibadan, complained that many of the documents being requested for are on government record. ” we are subjected to hardship paying heavily for court affidavit for lost documents and bank statements, no food no drink or place to sleep, we are forced to borrow money from friends”.

At Adebimpe event centre Osogbo, even the PTAD officials are having it though as the officials work into late night and start the days work as early as 5.30am, while many of the pensioners slept in Churches and Mosques around.

Mrs. Ige a former staff of Wesley Hospital said the government should have made adequate arrangement for the penssioners welfare bearing in mind the age and health condition of some of the penssioners.

Mr. Adetunji a retiree of Radio Nigeria pleaded with government to look into the pensioners case under PTAD.

Kunle Michael reported that the excercise was still on at Adebimpe hall by 8.50 Pm when he returned to the centre, meaning both PTAD officials and penssioners are being over stressed.

Most of the retiree suggested that the exercise should be conducted at the state offices of the federal agencies where they retired to reduce their suffering.

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