The Chief Imam of Akure kingdom, Alhaji AbdulHakeem Akorede has called on the organ of government responsible for the regulation of wages and emoluments of the Nigerian Senate, House of Representatives and the State House of Assemblies to make the salaries and allowances of lawmakers less attractive.

The Chief Imam said this on Friday while delivering his Jumat sermon to Muslim faithful at the Akure Central Mosque.

Alhaji Akorede stated that unless the positions of the lawmakers become less attractive, the best set of people would not be winning election to those positions.

According to him, if there is less money to be shared or received at the Senate, there won’t be any reason for anyone to buy voters to win elections.

“Why would everyone not want to become a Senator? In a situation where someone you used to know that cannot afford three square meal a day in your community now gets a godfather who sponsored his election and become a senator only to come back after six months to buy all the available land and houses in your street.

“Why won’t others want to take their own shot too at the senate even if they have nothing to offer. Please let us fear Allah and make these positions less attractive, most especially that of Governors and President. It is only then you will discover that only sincere people who truly want to serve will be contesting for political offices”, he added.

While lamenting that teachers that teach others to become Presidents, Doctors and other professionals earn very poor and irregular salary, and noting that a third class honours degree certificate holder who can buy voters, end up winning election to the assembly in order to send his or her own child to the best University overseas, Alhaji Akorede said the time has come for the people to do the right thing by not selling their conscience.

His words: “It’s unfortunate that children of teachers with poor salaries cannot even afford fees of local universities in Nigeria. I just want to appeal to our people – if they give you money to sell your conscience to them, don’t do it.”, he stressed.

Alhaji Akorede who called for sincerity in the polity and governance of the nation, charged civil servants to do their work with sincerity so that Allah’s blessings would be upon their earnings. He also used the opportunity to caution against lateness to work places, stressing that it is a sin.

On the part of the government, he enjoined them to always pay workers’ salaries as and when due, stressing that if everybody plays its part with all sincerity, there would be progress in the country.

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