The National Chairman of President Muhammad Buhari Continuity 2019 network, Chief Peter Dada Osadebay has called on all Nigerians to come out openly to condemn the sponsors of killings and terrorist attacks across the Northern region of Nigeria.
Chief Osadebay stated this while querying the motives behind recent killings across the country in order to gain cheap political points in the name of politics.
According to him, the consistent onslaught being witnessed in Nigeria is the handiwork of corrupt politician who do not want the anti corruption crusade led by President Buhari to see the daylight.
His words: “It is time for Nigerians to know that our corrupt politicians are the ones sponsoring the killings on the land. What I don’t understand is what they intend to gain by killing fellow Nigerians, all in the name of politics. Our politicians should realize that God is watching all our activities.
When Buhari was not in government, you accuse him of being the brain behind the killings, simply because they know his agenda was to salvage Nigeria from the hands of corrupt politicians. Finally, he won the election and started what God sent him to do which is to free us from political slavery, then, the Avengers started killing and destroying properties in the Niger Delta region. Much as the government tried to defeat the Boko Haram war, the looters introduce Herdsmen war all over the country”, he added.
Chief Osadebay who recounted how in the past, Buhari’ s administration was truncated through a coup plot stressed that the legacies of that short regime is still visible for all to see noting that President Buhari is a man that loves Nigeria.
“President Buhari is a man that loves Nigeria and Nigerians so dearly. His wish is to have a Nigeria where every residence can live happily above poverty line”, Chief Osadebay restated just as he opined that most of the killers can not even speak Fulani or even Hausa as most Cattle owners in Benue State are not Fulanis.
While imploring all Nigerians to rise up and join Mr. President in the war against corruption, Chief Osadebay also emphasize the need to support the anti corruption campaign of the president so that the looters know that Nigerians are no fool.

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