Biodun Omoleye is the Deputy Chairman Transition Committee that ushered in the new administration in Ekiti State. In this interview, he unveils the expectations of the citizens to Junaid Adeyemi Gold and Michael Oladepo of Ebony Herald International Magazine in Ado Ekiti before his appointment was announced as the Chief of Staff to the new Governor, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi. Excerpts:

EH. Sir, being the Deputy Chairman on the transition committee, how do you intend to meet the expectations of the people of Ekiti State?
Ans: Thank you. Ekiti people have experienced long recession that has culminated to the decay of infrastructural development evident in unpaid salary arrears which is close to 8 months by the last administration which had pauperised the economy of the state of course with the coming on-board of the new Governor, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, he has made it clear during his campaign that he’s coming to reduce poverty level of the people of Ekiti.
He said he will work to enhance their capacity by sustaining the state economy. With this on the back of our minds , Fayemi is a man noted for his words and we all believe in him.
Gone are those days when people go to bed with hunger but under Fayemi, we shall celebrate affluence. We say bye bye to poverty. Governance shall now be more transparent and accountability shall be the focus of this administration.
Dr Fayemi has gone through the saddle before. He is a man who has zero tolerance for corruption. I want to advice our people to cooperate with this administration .

This is an administration that’s coming with human touch and people should also expect that to whom much is given much is desired .Therefore the people are expected to support and join hands with the administration in the development of the state. Am sure the civil service will be duely positioned to deliver ultimately. This is a dawn of new era and am sure there will be mass employment under the the new administration of Dr Kayode Fayemi. He has done it before and he is going to do it again. Ekiti economy is greatly agrarian. We have done it with mechanised farming and we hope to re-invent it for the betterment of our people again. In other words, large opportunities would be created for existing Farmers in the state and of course, the marketing opportunity will be expanded. There are lots of innovations that will be coming on board and am sure by the time the governor receives the hand over note from different departments, parastals and ministries, the gap will be known and work will commence. We will interface with our people at town hall meetings in different communities to know where the shoe pinches. At the end ,we would be well informed where the challenges lie. Again shortly after the election, we went round the federal capital territory meeting with the some ministers and the head of federal parastals, donor agencies and multilateral or development agencies for support . As I speak, we have development plans that will transmit massive development within a short period of time and which will transform Ekiti in to economic hub within the sub-region .I want to congratulate the people of Ekiti once again and appreciate them for voting Dr Kayode Fayemi back to the office. The era of one day, one trouble is over. This is the era of good administration that is interested in justice and equity. I want to advice that the people should co-operate with him. He made it categorical that his administration will transform Ekiti and I believe he will do it. He is competent, he had done it before and am confident that he will perform credibly this time around. We need the support of Media people because no government strives without media support and relationship.
EH : Last administration sacked some individuals who were supporting APC, what’s your stand on this?
Ans: This government is with human face, it is a government set for restoration of values, and reclaiming of lost value and glories of Ekiti State. It’s on correctional mission where the wrong of the past will be moderated upon for correction and amendment .We are in a Democratic system and open for ideas, whoever that’s improperly treated should come forward with proofs to the office of the Governor or to the House of Assembly where impunity can be investigated without prejudice and justice will prevail. A redress will be done to all injustices committed in the last administration.

EH : On outstanding salaries, what should we be expecting from your administration?

Ans : Government as you know is a continuum, as he did it in 2010, when he first came in,there were back logs of salary arrears and leave bonus and gratuity that were on ground. With the support of God, Governor Fayemi cleared the debts and by this action, I wish to assure our people that the Governor is prepared for action and protection for every citizen while am assuring them that ours will not be a vindictive government. Dr Fayemi is leading a team of people that will bring love and smiles to the faces of our people, the new government will continue to honour it obligations and responsibilities. Since we are taking-over the assets, we are prepared to absorb the liabilities. This government will relate with people and adopt holistic approach to solving the mirage of problems on ground. I want to call for calm and confidence in the new administration. You will recall that during his first term, Dr Kayode Fayemi never owed any salary and you can be sure that this October salary will be paid as at when due and this will be sustained.


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