The Egigun worshipers in Akure the Ondo State capital today clashed with the Hausa community in Sabo area of Akure.
The crisis started when the Egigun worshipers wanted to perform a rite near the Hausa Mosque at Sabo.
The Hausas told Ebony Herald that they have been living in that environment for well over 50years and there has never been any time such rite was performed near their place of worship.
The argument that followed led to exchange of blows and dangerous weapons were freely used.
The crisis within minutes spread to the markets within the city and the Egigun worshipers started throwing stones and bottle at the Muslim faithful inside the central mosque.
Hoodlums almost hijacked the crisis if not for the timely intervention of the Chief Imam Alhaji Abdul Hakeem Yayi Akorede who stopped the attack on the mosque and called on two of the Palace Chiefs that followed him to Sabo, on getting to Sabo the Chief Imam Abdulhakeem Yayi Akorede met all the Security chiefs and the CSO to Gov Akeredolu, Alhaji Dojumo.
The scene at the Sabo revealed that some houses, motors and Motorcycle had been burnt while some people were injured.
Meanwhile the Chairman Akure South local government Mrs. Margaret Atere posted on her whatsap page that she was at the scene of the crisis and peace has finally returned to Akure

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