Bad Doctors destroy Health, Bad Judges destroy Justice, Bad Teachers destroy education, Bad Politicians destroy the economy, Bad Parents destroy the World”.

Since I was born,I am yet to see a Family or Parent that will teach his or her Children bad attitudes directly and or some Referees that will teach their Players not to Score again the opponent from any angle in football matches.We attribute blames to Parents often times without knowing that Parents are doing much.

May God allow Us (Parents) to inherit from the fruits of our labours on our Children and works,Amen.

If Parents did not mis-behave for once but,labour much to train their Children,took them to Sunday School in Churches or Quranic Schools in Mosques,Prayed for them after Graduation/Wedding, as some Parents are still feeding and counselling many of their Children for good till adult age.

Please,tell me what is left un-done by Parents than for the Children to be obedient,work hard without relying much on white-collar jobs but their brains and hands ?

Government too should encourage Vocational/Technical Studies much more than ‘theories’ and subjects that lead no one to earn his/her future.

Government can put all machinery in motion for Higher Institutions to award B.Tech in Furniture, B.FD in Fashion Designing, B.A in Barbing, B.Sc in Bricklaying, B.FR in Farming,B.Sc Livestock/Animal Science/Husbandry,B.A in Dance/Acting/Comedy etc which fetch much money than fanciful degrees that cannot bring money and food to the tables of their owners.

Students should dwell much on practicals to put final end to Joblessness which always lead to bad behaviour in Society.

Govts should be proactive enough to stop wasteful expenses on feeding pupils at homes.They should use Abacha loots and money collected from Corrupt Politicians/others to build industries to employ our Teaming Graduates.

Then,there will be a drastic reduction in crimes and un-necessary blame game on Parents who always want the best for their Children.

Most of the Societal Problems go beyond mere attribution of their causes/faults to family/parents alone but to Societal Maladies caused by “Man’s-in-humanity-to-Man” and majorly by blind Governments.

There are many good people who because of how the Society has treated them badly either naturally and or Socially will change their good attitude to becoming bad.

These may arise from the feasible Failure in Schools, Work place,Boko Haram killings, Kidnapping, Joblessness which made many to commit suicide, seeing the negative attitudes of others without arrest/punishment, Govt’s insincerity and un-care attitudes to many issues like Youth, Old Age Welfare, In-Security, Rape, Dis-Obeying Court Orders, Cheating, Injustices in Society, keeping bad Company etc.

Yes, Parents have noble role to play. But,what can Parents do after obtaining loans to train their Children, provide foods and other needs,teach them morality/good Character only for Govt’s non-chalant attitude to paying University Lecturers their entitlements cause strikes and made Students to spend 7 years instead of 5 years Courses ?

What of Candidates who scored over 200 marks three times but JAMB refused him admission while those with less than 150 marks are admitted ? What of employment Favouritism ?

What of Children whose Parents are killed by Boko Haram, Herdsmen for no reason and no arrest ? What of those who took loans to farm and their Crops were destroyed by Cows without positive action by the Govt ?

This Societal Madness caused mostly by Govt’s in-sensitivity to People’s Plight is changing the attitude of 70% of the People and thus causing most of the Problems in Nigeria such as Suicide, Rape,Taking-up of Arms,Rioting,Community Clashes, Unrest, Damage to Public Properties etc.

Most Politicians are not showing good examples when chairs are thrown and Clothes thorn without positive bills at Houses of Assemblies.

I usually weep inside me whenever i see Parent-less Children killed by Boko Haram as I wept when I heard a story on Positive FM Radio, Akure yesterday of a Man attacked by robbers and poured acid on his face and took his Car away begging for help/money having been spending close to #30,000:00 a day on drugs.

What do you expect from his Children tomorrow unless God prevails ?.
There are many Children/People like that in Society today.Govts don’t have anything for them at all.
O God,why are some people in position of Authority vision-less ?
Why ? Why ? Why ?
Can’t we have people like Gov.Dr.Ayade who wept when he saw suffering people and did the needful by providing foods and shelters.

Must the poor masses and the un-employed or those employed but,are not paid their Salaries while suffering in Silence in some States for a year and the Medical Doctors are allowed to go on strikes wait till when Politicians are Campaigning for votes ?

Do some leaders have blood in their veins ?

“Lan-leyin” is a name. Ayekooto (Odidere-Okotorobo) will speak the Truth without fear or foe. Truth is always constant.

But,There is nothing without an end.It shall come to pass either four or eight years in governance and History shall judge all of Us one day.Many followers too are worse because some leaders in every facet of human endeavour have failed woefully.

So, “Where is/was our Governments when the Youths/Masses Exploded ?

The answer is no more blowing in the wind but,it is in the hands of our Governments – the Policy Makers in Nigeria who have all Powers,Time and Wherewithall.Dr.Nelson Mandela spent only four years in South Africa.Our Lord Jesus Christ spent 33 years and 3 years of earthly Ministry and they are remembered for Good from then till today.

What will you and me be remembered for as leaders in our own rights ?

If Govts should play her role well after Parent’s laudable efforts,” many things will change for better and Things will no more fall apart in Nigeria”.

Often times, Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.

God Bless Nigerians, Amen.

Ven.Nelson Fadoju. Ayekooto.
Jubilee Projects and Justice for Peace, Nigeria.(JPJP, NIGERIA). @ +2348067952005
Saturday 20th June,2020.

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