The Chief Imam of Akure kingdom Sheikh Dr. AbdulHakeem Yayi Akorede has called on both federal and state government to fund Agriculture and health sector properly. He made the call in his Eid El Adha message to Nigerians.

The Grand Imam also call on Federal government to allow state to have control over natural resources in their system as this would put an end to the nation’s economic hardship and bring a lasting economic prosperity.

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Being Speech Delivered by the Grand Imam of Akure Sheikh (Dr.) AbdulHakeem Yayi Akorede on the occasion of Eid El Adha (Eid El Kabir) today 1st Dhu’l Hijjah 1444.AH (1st July 2020)

Assalamu alaikun waramotu lahi wabaraka tuhu

I greet all my Muslim brothers and sisters and congratulate you all for witnessing another Eid el Adha.

It is my prayer that next year Eid will be without any pandemic in our land and all over the world.

The occurrence of Global pandemic is not strange to the religion of Islam, our Nabi Mohammed Sala alayhi waasalam,

warned us to stay at home, stay away from Public gathering during Epidemic or Pandemic like this, therefore it should not be a thing to worry about, it will soon go away, the world experienced Spanish flu in 1918 and lasted till 1920, in 1817, there was Lebanese Flu that paralised international trade across Europe part of Africa and Middle East.

Our prayers is that almighty Allah would cleanse our land and restore peace and comfort to the world.

Politics- On this special occasion, I want to appeal to the Political class especially in those State where Election is scheduled to take place this year; Ondo and Edo States. The contestants should please appeal to their followers to be peaceful and orderly, Nigerians are passing through a special phase of life and we should not allow anyone or group of people to add to our problems, we should shun violence and embrace peace at all levels, the position all of you are contesting for is one and only one person would win. winners should see co-contestants as compatriots and not enemy while the loosers should accept defeat gallantly in the spirit of sportmanship.

Economy- The Federal government should learn from advance nations of the world for us to develop economically.

The Federal government should allow states to take charge of natural resources in their states.

Nigeria is well endowed with abundant natural resources like Limestone, Clay, Bitumen and Petrol in Ondo, Precious stone and metals in Ekiti, Kogi and Niger State, we have culumbite, Mable and lime stone in states like Oyo , Ogun and Kogi. If states are allowed to tap their natural resources, the nation would be out of the present economic crisis and youth unemployment.
Some States in USA are even richer than the Federal government of America, California is richer than three American States put together, if Ondo State is allowed to tap her resources other states would borrow from us.

Agriculture- Government from local government level to federal should promote agriculture, they should support famers by giving them Agricultural loan and empowerment, the anchor borrower program of CBN and Cassava revolution of Ondo State should be geared to encourage farmers.

Our youths should be encouraged and enticed to practice Agriculture to reduce unemployment.

Agriculture should be improved upon to increase food production, government should encourage real famers not Political farmers.

Education- both federal and State should tailor School curriculum towards technical education and enterprenurship scheme to prepare our children for future and be a better persons tomorrow.

The Government should find a lasting solution to the problem of incencant strikes in our tertiary institution’s which is another burden on poor parents.
Am appealing to both federal and state government to setup education trust fund where students could borrow money to finance their education, as It will be a great opportunity for parents and poor students alike.

Health- The federal and State should fund and equip our hospitals well, the present pandemic has shown us that we have competent medical personnel’s in Nigeria but lack tools to work with.

On a last note am appealing to the world science academy, the world health organization and the United Nations to please develop vaccines and drugs to combat Coronavirus COVID19 as quick as possible, because many important lives had been lost to COVID 19.
May Allah SWT continue to bless our nation and the people. Ameen

Eid Mubarak
Sheikh Dr AbdulHakeem Yayi Akorede.
Chief Imam of Akure

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