Most political parties and Politicians in Nigeria at the moment are facing turbulent times arising from selfish jostle for power regardless of their political party’s ideology.

This tussle which has become prevalent in recent times among big wings in different political platforms and camps has also found its way into Abia State politics but unfortunately, Abia people seem to be familiar with these endless promises and will not burge to such cheap play of politics. Gone are the days of unrealistic promises and campaign shenanigans in Abia.
With the emergence of President Mohammadu Buhari and ongoing awareness on people’s rights, discipline, limits and democratic powers on the social media, many people have become enlightened and would no longer be bamboozled by cheap blackmails from opposition parties.
No doubt, the truth has unfolded in Abia State just as Godfatherism has been put to rest. The benefactors of our looted economy that brought our dear country to her knees are now desperate for survival. The likes of those who pledged monies to party faithfuls whilst declaring their political interests only to spring up stories of robbery attack within split seconds after the event leaving party members stranded at the declaration venue.
Nevertheless the deeds of the day was already in the know to those who are aware of the troubled waters the Guber aspirant has swum in recent days. I tell you, subsidy must be accounted for and Nigeria must move on and all those liable for our losses must account for them in full!
“What a world” they are on sudden medicals abroad, I guess they must have imagined that defection to the APC would yield a soft landing towards court verdicts- Hmm! Well! That seems not to be the case at the moment as”He who must come to equity must come with clean hands”
APC!! Change!! Change the bad eggs!! Change Nigeria!! And Change to a better Abia.

Chijioke Chuks Oyenmadu writes from Abakaliki

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