The National  leaders of All Progessive congress should as a matter of fact and urgency rescreen the 7persons in the governorship race in Abia State.

Right now the Abia State people believed there are only three geninue aspirant and the three are valnuarable to the PDP plots.

Abia people are looking up to either Chief  F.N Nwosu, Amb. Okey Emuchay who has represented nigeria since 1988- 2017 on forgien services as a diplomat, though the third Mr Chris Akomas, Mr subsidy funds is on a rescue chase from imprisonment for multiple illegal oil dept to NNPC and other organisations so the governorship ticket will serve as a classical meal ticket to oil dept repayment. Hmm!! The annoited Godson whom God-father is on the run to the USA on sudden medicals from alleged fraud case is on the mission to secure the image of his God father through the Abia treasury Sad but true, that narrows the figure to two.
The criminal prince of Aba and the runaway lunatic from England are the PDP mole for governorship ticket gamble with their name dropping tactics which can’t hold water. Again look at this.

A brief on Occupants of 98 Chobham road London E15 1LZ.
Here is a man who wants to Govern ABIANS. He was married with 4 Children but physically abused his wife at every slight provocation which made her report him to the authorities and remained a single parent on both UK social Welfare of housing benefit and Income support. Along the line his wife claimed disability allowance as a depressed woman till date whilst she received financial support from the UK government, her husband was in a psychiatric home on mental health around East London before he made an escape to brixton and peckahm area still hiding from the authorities.

On his earlier arrival in the UK, he register a social magazine which copies was never sold in any UK store till date.
After all said and done he ran back to Nigeria to hide away from the UK NHS Social workers, police and joined the all Nigerians People’s Party ANPP, where he automatically wanted to become the State Chairman and governoship aspirant at all cost which resulted to legal suit by him then he decamped to PDP as a registered member and also dragged the PDP to court for not letting him be the Abia state Chairman.

Finally at the formation of the APC  this man joined the party through the influence of  an Abia Chief and immediately wanted to become the state chairman which was kicked against by members of the party, then he angrily dragged the party to court after a dirty fight with party members at the old parade ground during the party’s national convention which has made him surrounded himself with tuggs till date.
After the presidential election, this man ran to his PDP cohorts pretending to be members of APC in plot to destroy our dear party and twarted the state appointment list of 51names. Which got him an ambdsadorial appointment which he transfered to his wife in London.

Note this woman is yet to inform the British government of her full time employment in Spain as she is still on benefit and occupying council property in London where she has kept her children in care of a live in au-pair.
As we speak this self proclaimed credible APC candidate  has remained a stooge for T.A Orji and the state PDP on cause to destroy the APC and he has remained on the PDP payroll till date.
He’s step mum’s funeral was fully funded by T.A Orji and other PDP front players, his APC governorship form was bought by Gov Ikpeazu so he can push for the ticket and sell to them like he and a few others has always done.
How sad but true that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones. But in this case Ik has!

In desperation for power he ran like a headless chicken to show governorship form bought by the PDP to our dear incorruptible president just to exhibit how narrow his mind is as he though he would be endoresd by Mr. Integrity the only faithful president Nigeria has ever produced. Just like his cohort who last week dragged his aged father to the mud like he always did, the gittrey prince of Aba who’s stock in trade is making a run with campaign funds and begging the president to raise his hand only for him to return in sell of pokies that he Paul Ikhonne was endorsed by the President. How funny!!

APC Please, Save my people from wolf in sheep’s clothing .

Ihanacho Echewodo writes from London.

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