The recent news and audio making rounds in the social media of the attack resulting in the death of two ARC Officers, kidnapping of about 10 team members of the FRSC at Udeme Junction along the Marraban Udeme Road, Asoka in Nasarawa State enroute to Sokoto and Kebbi their respective duty states is not surprising. For most Nigerians with even a rudimentary knowledge of kidnappings and criminality on our highways, the operation could hardly been a strategic surprise. Every Nigerian, especially those within the law enforcement and intelligence community ought to have known that the ongoing insurgency is a declaration of war with state authorities/Nigeria. The interception and kidnapping informs of the highly developed intelligence collection methods and are suggestive of a more sophisticated and die hard approach to manipulate the environment.

Though details are still scanty of how they travel with or without escort, whether the escort was neutralised, why taking such risk in view of the availability of Air flight from Enugu airport or worst still what happened to the railway transportation. It did indeed appears the the FRSC leadership is culpable of negligence by its decision to put the lives of over 20 young promising ARC on road without the basic security requirements.

It is on record that our intelligence community knows that it is already at war with bandits but then, why should it discount it? It is fully aware of the kidnappers attempt to always undermine its integrity understanding fully well its commitment, resilience and operational depth. It has shown beyond doubt an ability to construct a highly detailed and pragmatic understanding of the tactics of our security and methods. This counter intelligence protocol should be seriously viewed and considered by the Nation’s intelligence community.

My sincere sympathy goes to the families that have lost dear ones. May almighty God grant them eternal peace and the families the fortitude to bear such avoidable loss. To those in the hospital, we wish you quick recovery and the FRSC family to take lesson that NEVER AGAIN should by omission or commission to allow similar incident to happen .

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