In the wake of the accusations and counter accusations that have rocked the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic(RUGIPO) in the last few days, the Governing Council led by Mr Banji Alabi has said it remains unruffled as management is committed to driving policies that will positively turn around the fortunes of the citadel of learning.

In a statement issued over the accusations leveled against him by the ASUP leadership in the institution, Alabi said in the process of retooling the school, several powerful toes were stepped on and it is natural for corruption to fight back.

“When this new Council at RUGIPO come on board, the workers were owed about nine months salary including several years of pensions, gratuity and co- operative deductions that were in arrears.

“Several on-going projects were completely neglected or abandoned by the contractors due to non-payment for work done. The Governing Council at inception, set up a small committee to look into how to get over this rather chronic problem.

“The Unions were carried along and were aware of the efforts of the new Governing Council to get them paid what RUGIPO was owing them.

“With the support of the Ondo State Government led by Arakunrin Akeredolu, the Governing Council on two occasions got “Intervention fund” to reduce the salary arrears owed to four months. We also took some important steps which revealed alot of things.

1) From the staff audit, it was discovered that some of the employees are abroad & some in Lagos on personal businesses but continued to draw unearned salaries & allowances every month from RUGIPO which was stopped.

(2) A lot of people were promoted far beyond their competence, qualifications & the extant rules of the school, thereby constituting heavy burden and drain on the school resources, hence a reconstruction.

(3) We outlawed the sale of handouts and conducting impromptu test, which constituted the seed for corruption at the school

(4) The syndicate operating marks for money were rounded up & brought to justice

(5) Another syndicate for issuing fake certificates for non qualified people were arrested and dismissed from the school.

(6) The staff school is not sustainable- the school spent about N140 M in the school & only realized about N20M in a year. Many of the teachers don’t have pupils in their classes & they operate their private business outside, hence the need for the privatization.

“What we are seeing today is that corruption is fighting back. They are using lies, rumors & blackmail in fighting back. They hate those who love them & love those who hate them.

According to Alabi, in order to key into the transformation agenda of Mr. Governor, the institution has taken the following bold steps:

i.​Embarked on Staff Audit Exercise and comprehensive evaluation on how the Institution was hitherto run in order to reposition it for optimal performance.

ii.​Blocking of all financial leakages, including the privatization of the staff school

(Iii)Attraction of grants to the Institution for massive capital project development (through TETFund, NICON etc.); which include both regular and special interventions.

(Iv) Proposed 29 new programmes for the attention and approval of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). The Institution is awaiting the response of the Board.

(V) Currently working in collaboration with One Of the best universities in Nigeria , to commence the running of degree programmes in some departments to shore up students’ enrolment with consequent increase in our IGR. A working agreement to that effect with other collaborative agencies (NUC, NBTE, JAMB, etc.) is on advanced stages of implementation. This initiative will also douse the pressure of people demanding the converting of RUGIPO into a university and save our government billions of Naira and huge man hour which would have been expended on the project

(VI) RUGIPO entered into collaboration with the Ondo State Local Government Training School, Ita-Ogbolu, to assist in the training and development of personnel in order to achieve public sector efficiency. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this purpose was signed by the two parties on 3rd September, 2019.

(VIi) Installation of equipment for the operation of the RUGIPO Radio FM Station is at a top gear. Hopefully, the Station will effectively commence operation before the end of year 2019.

(Viii) The Institution’s bakery, guest house , farm and water factory which had become moribound before , are now undergoing reconstruction resuscitation and repositioning with estimated high market prospects.

viii.​Administrative complex housing the Rectory, Registry and Bursary which had long been abandoned since 2014 is near completion for Mr. Governor to commission soon. Other minor projects to rehabilitate structural defects are ongoing. (Courtesy, the N500m capital vote intervention by Mr. Governor to the Institution).

ix.​Purchase of utility vehicles for principal officers

(X) Approval and release of the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 TETFund Interventions for infrastructural development in the Institution, which were withheld five years ago.

(Xi) Obtaining the hosting right for NIPOGA 2020 to mark the institution 40th anniversary: The spotting event will be the biggest sporting event in the history of Ondo State and compel the focus and attention of the country to the school and Ondo state as a whole

Others include:

(1) Internet penetration on Campus,

(2) Establishment of Huawei ICT Academy with 100 students on admission,

(3) all servers damaged during the February 2018 riots, have been recovered with complete Restoration of the ICT Centre,

(4) Reducing the 9months outstanding salaries (owed by the defunct PDP administration) to only four months, Appointment of Auditors to audit the bursary, establishment of school fees payment platform instead of paying through a contractor,

(5) Contractors are back on site to complete the abandoned government projects on the campus, and the purchase of utility vehicles for the principal officers etc”.

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