The recent statement credited to Rev. John Ayo Oladapo, Ondo State CAN Chairman alleging a plan by the PMB administration to wipe out Christianity in Nigeria and the eventual Islamization of the country can best be described as unreverend, unholy, irresponsible, reckless, nauseating and unpatriotic and to say the least the statement is unfortunate! What does Rev. Oladapo ment by insinuating that a government with most of his cardinal officers being Christians is having a plan to wipe out Christianity in a country that can best be described as a Christian Nation! Nigeria today as headed by Muhammadu Buhari can best be described as a christian nation, our public holidays are designed to facilitate Christian holy days, our school calendars are made to accommodate Christian rituals, our national symbols are nothing but a reflection of Christian heritage. In Nigeria today Muslims are suffering in silence as all National programmes leading to the award of National ID’s are Christian biases and these are orchestrated by the Church representatives who are government agents and policy makers. Christians today have a country that guarantees all the wherewithal’s for them to aspire to any height of their career but the Muslims are hoodwinked by state legislations or government policies from exploring their potentials. Our children are denied their religious rights in public places, the case of Firdaus Amasa as orchestrated by the Christian staffs of the Nigerian Law School is still fresh. In Ondo state all government facilities including educational establishments are used for the evangelization of the Sunshine state. What does Rev. John Ayo Oladapo ment by a plan to wipe out Christianity from a country that has about 3 of its 6 geopolitical zones fully Christianized. Has Pastor John Oladapo quickly forgotten that the sitting Vice President is an ordained Pastor in one of the largest christian denomination in Africa? Or Pastor John Oladapo is only towing the path of reckless propaganda which is characterised of the CAN National leadership!
Even the request for the release of the remaining Dapchi girls is mischievous and inhuman. This is because Pastor John Oladapo and other Christian leaders in the country did not sympathize with the abducted girls and their loved ones for the unfortunate abduction. No press statement was released to condemn the abduction or to demand for their immediate release by both John Ayo Oladapo or the CAN National leadership only for them to wake up suddenly from their slumber on the information that their is one christian girl among the abductees who was not released! What an evil, so to John Oladapo those innocent girls does not merit any celestial sympathy , they are not human beings that worth any mercy, and the Christian Leadership in Nigeria or Ondo State does not see any need to speak for them, is this the stand of the God of Christianity? If this is the stand of the Christendom then it is unfortunate. It is mischievous and ungodly for Rev. John Ayo Oladapo to only speak when he realise that their is a christian among the abducted girls. The Christian leadership in Nigeria and most importantly Rev. John Ayo Oladapo have demonstrated with this singular event that they are hypocritical about the so call evangelism of Love, good neighborliness and brotherhood which they claim is the message of Jesus Christ. Rev. John Oladapo and his cohorts are nor even concern about the reported death of about 5 of the abducted girls, neither are they happy about the release of the other girls. is it because they are Muslims or they are not the ‘sons’ of God. For heavens sake how do you claim you love and care for your neighbours when you rejoice at the abduction of his children by some devil incarnate! ! How do you claim to be a good neighbour and your brothers keeper when you show no condolence at his adversity and predicament! And what kind of God are you propagating when your evangelism is encapsulated in wicked and devilish propaganda. Our strongest conviction is that Rev. John Ayo Oladapo is not articulating the real voice of the good Christians of Ondo State who are part of the change agents that brought PMB to power in 2015, rather he is magnifying the voice of the opposition party who have paid him to divorce civility! We stand to be corrected the Ondo State CAN Chairman is not speaking on behalf of the Progressive Christians in Ondo State as is evident in his grave yard silence after the unfortunate incidence and no sign of joy on the release of majority of the girls. Rev. John Ayo Oladapo should come out publicly to explain what he ment by his vituperation as his statement portrays threats and it is dangerous to the age long peaceful coexistence between the Muslims and the Christians Faithful’s in Ondo State. Rev. John Ayo Oladapo should tread the part of civility and avoid politics of religious coloration which is the bane of the nations development. The earlier the spurious release is corrected and retracted within the public domaine the better.

Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi
General Secretary
NSCIA Ondo State Councilcountry

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