A one-time Commissioner for Agriculture and a Governorship aspirant under APC Unity forum, Alhaji Kazeem Olanrewaju has offered his support for the choice of Chief Olusola Oke as the candidate for the forthcoming Gubernatorial election in Ondo State.

Olanrewaju who noted that Oke has what it takes to govern the state, stated this while reacting on the crisis that follows the choice of Chief Olusola Oke as the candidate of the unity group, when he met a group of Journalist at Ebony Herald International Magazine office in Akure on Tuesday.

kazeem Olanrewaju

He said: “Oke, like all the 10 of us has all it takes to rule Ondo State and move the State forward.

“My understanding of having a consensus candidate is jointly agreeing to pick one person out of many aspirants with an agreement to represent us and we to support him or her.

“We all agreed that who ever emerges as the candidate of unity group would be supported with all we have.

“We were ten in number and we all passed through the screening process headed by Sen. Yele Omogunwa, the screening was thorough.

“I am so surprised seeing some of us going against our earlier promise, one person must definitely emerge”.

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Olanrewaju warned the party headquarter to be proactive in other not to loose Ondo State to PDP, saying it is high time they started playing matured Politics in Nigeria.

Alhaji Kazeem said if they (Unity forum) were sincere and really want to remove Akeredolu, they have to remain united for the sake of the people they want to serve.

“The present administration is being run by just a cleaque of people loyal to Akeredolu”. He said.

Asked if the unity group could defeat Akeredolu at the primary, Kazeem laughed, and asked, “how can less than 10% defeat over 90%? “You see we have Akeredolu and his appointees on one side and the rest of us on the other side, all APC members are in unity group my brother”.

Commenting on how to bring back the aggrieved ones among them knowing fully well that the primary is coming in less than 50days, and there is a disagreement among the group due on consensus candidacy, he said:
“You see that is not a big problem we have a common ground and a common interest, to save Ondo state from this bad Government. Give us just few days we would sort out ourselves.

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He noted that Party members and a vast majority of Ondo people are not enjoying the government, saying they must unite at all cost to rescue the people from Akeredolu-led administration.

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