Alhaj Usman Abayomi in his Pre Ramadan lecture at the Central Mosque, Jigbokin, Odode Idanre, Ondo State warned Muslims against playing games as this may have negative effects on their practice of Islamic religion.
Alhaji Usman Abayomi, who has been the Chief Missioner of Idanre Muslim community for many decades and also an Islamic scholar who had taught many adherents in Arabic language and tenets of the religion gave this warning while discussing with members of the Dawatul Islamiyat Society, Idanre where he is a prominent member of the society which has about fifty members. According to him, there is no way one can play games without being mischievous, full of mockery, selfish thought, bad jokes and foolish jests which the holy Prophet Mohammed (PBOH) condemned in the Holy Qur’an. He went on to emphasis that betting with a view to collect the other person’s money is condemnable and ungodly. Alhaj Usman lamented that the world is bending and leading many to water down their beliefs and what Allah commanded through the Holy Prophet Mohammed and said it is painful that even in Saudi Arabia, they now do some things they abhorred before in the name of modernization and sited football, especially among women as example.
He used the occasion to call on Muslims to introduce the teachings of Islamic faith to their children very early in life before acquiring Western education as this will make it easy for the children to imbibe the tenets and teachings of the religion of Islam.

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