Nigerians have been charged to ignore the coalition of some political party ganging up  with the intention of defeating President Buhari in the 2019 general Election.

The charge was given in London by a former Secretary of Saki West Local government, Oyo state, Honourable Moses Adebayo Adeleke during an interview with Ebony Herald international magazine.

Adeleke said,  those people calling for Buhari’s defeat created the economic crisis facing Nigerians today, they created the problems of terrorism and Fulani herdsmen to make things difficult for the present administration.

“Mark my word,  the coal chamber would not work”.   “This guys are rougus,  look at what they are doing at the National Assembly, they delay the budget without any tangible reasons and at the end they increase the figure to favour themselves”, he said.

Adeleke queried, Who amongst the leaders of this group is better than Buhari? He ask Nigerians to stop listening to leaders who are only concerned about their pockets.  He said Buhari is no longer after wealth acquisition like most of them and plead to Nigerians to give Buhari another chance to lay a foundation for a curroption free Nigeria.

He stressed that after 2023, who ever becomes our president would know that the whole world is watching him.

Our present Problem and that of Buhari are those wrong elements and political prostitutes who have merigoround between many political parties within the last 12years.

Adeleke said it is time for us to start having party ideology, ” if we have and believe in our party ideology,  it will be difficult to see people crossing from one party to the other everyday.  A Labour Party member here in UK can not just cross to British National Party,  it is imposible”, He stressed

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