A Lagos base businessman Alhaji Najeemdeen Gidado has called on Nigerians to elect credible people to manage the affairs of the country.
During a chat with Ebony Herald International in his house in Lagos, Gidado said Nigeria will graduate to another level in politics as from this dispensation.
He said it is now clear most political parties operates from different minds and perceptions. I pray we witness groups that will not enslave innocent minds and cover their faces with wool.
I pray Nigerians would be able to differentiate ‘People’ from Partisan ‘Politics’. Nigerians that will reason deeply and tell leaders to their face that they earn fat salary, apart from entitlements and Security Vote as a governor.
Why should you thank governor or President for making roads or school or hospital in your community. This is not only stupidity but modern slavery. If you dont thank mortuary attendant for keeping the morgue clean or thank the governor’s drivers for accident free periods why should you deify any governor or president when they spend your money according to plans made by civil servants. There will not be any meaningful progress in a society where majority of the citizens are mediocres that are easily enslaved. Nigerians get wiser. Elect credible people to manage your affairs and not vagabonds.

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