A leading Chairmanship aspirant in the coming Ekiti State Local Government council election Princes Motunde Fajuyi has Promised to Commission the abandoned new Ado LG Building and construct Igirigiri Road within 100 Days in office if voted to power

She made the promise during her wards to wards consultations and visits to the party executives and leaders in Ado Ekiti

Motunde who was the pioneer National Secretary of Women in ALGON, DG APC Women Campaign Committee, Presidential Elections Ekiti state,  believed she is the most assessible chairmanship aspirant in the forthcoming Ado-Ekiti LG elections.

She said the new Ado Local Government Secretariat Building that has been left uncompleted over a decade is on the front burner of issues to be put in place within her 100 days in office as chairman Ado Local Government.
She also assured the leaders and other party members she met that it will only be a total package for the Igirigiri road leading to the new Local Government building to be fixed as well.
These shall be made possible with the help of the JKF led State Govt as part of the total face lift of the Ekiti state capital city that doubles as the seat of Ado-Ekiti LG.

Responding, the party leaders reflected in their various laudable submissions that if these can be achieved within the stipulated period of one 100 days in office; coupled with the zeal of commitment and readiness, it shall be a fast move to be reckoned with in the history of the Local Government administration in Ekiti State.

Her promise on job creation through Entrepreneurship and Technical Training Initiative as indicated in her manifesto was recieved with applauds by Leaders and Exco members, they all pledge their total and unflinching support for Motunde Fajuyi based on her past records

An Ekiti a political stalwart, Hon Kehinde Olanipekun extolled MF’s boldness, fairness, courageous and compassionate heart.
She gave Motunde a unique name in her comment as (Motunde de Charger), “who charges a dying element to be revived and be made stronger”. That anywhere Motunde finds herself, she ensures things are carried out properly without mistake.
She stressed further Ado-Ekiti needs someone like her to take charge and revive the dying and abandoned projects in Ado Local Government for better repositioning.


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