The Registrar, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, has warned CBT centres against collecting candidates’
passwords, or suggesting what should be their passwords at the point
of registration.
Similarly, the Registrar also frowned at CBT centres retaining forms filled by
candidates which contain vital data of candidates. He stated that the centres
are obligated to return such forms to candidates after filling and not retain
them. He said, “candidates are to create their passwords, keep them secret as
they are not to be disclosed to anybody, not even their parents.”
Continuing, the Registrar explained that such vital data, if exposed to third
parties, could compromise their records as well as jeopardise their future
academic aspirations.
The Registrar made this disclosure, when on a routine inspection of some
UTME Registration centres in Kwara State, discovered that some of these
centres were suggesting to candidates what should be their passwords. Some
even keep registers where candidates records are taken and kept. This,
according to him, is not allowed and should be stopped forthwith.
Furthermore, Prof. Oloyede maintained that candidates also had the right to
change their passwords to ensure absolute confidentiality after it had been
discovered that such had been exposed to other individuals. As such,
candidates are advised, in their own interest, to ensure the sanctity of their
passwords as any unauthorised access to them could lead to unpalatable consequences

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