Urges IGP To Investigate Killing, Violence During The Exercise

A member of the House of Representatives Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe representing Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency of Cross River State
has expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the PDP Cross River North senatorial primary election held by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on 5th of September 2020 in Ogoja Cross River State which he won convincingly with 381 votes out of the 506 votes cast.

Hon. Jarigbe who spoke at a press briefing in Abuja, confirmed receipt of the INEC Certified True Copy of the report, called on the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Adamu to investigate the gruesome murder of one of his constituents, Mr. Charles Onweh during the election.

The lawmaker, who frowned at the role played by the Governor in truncating the election, also accused the PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus of adopting the ‘fake’ election result which declared Dr. Stephen Adi Odey as the winner.

The PDP Cross River North senatorial candidate further alleged that “there was a premeditated move to favour a particular candidate, who happens to be the choice of the Governor”, adding that the sinister move was being perpetuated through his cronies known as “Governor’s very good friends”, who were appointed as chairman, secretary, among others, on the panel who were mandated to “give victory to a particular candidate. The candidate is one of the protégées of the Governor.”

While assessing the election, Hon. Jarigbe said: “I am very very satisfied with the INEC’S role in the whole of this. The INC is one and when we talk about INEC we talk about INEC headquarters and that’s the office we address. Whatever contrite report were done by the REC in Calabar, he wasn’t competent to do that because the EOs wrote a report, a contrite one, they are not competent to do so because INEC sent an official who was assigned to monitor the election and his report has also been submitted and I have the certified copy of the report.

“The outcome of the election as monitored by INEC and captured in their report, was free and fair and I won the election. But whatever sham they did outside the real thing out of what suppose to be done, the use of fake delegate list. You know prior to the election, there was a court judgement that adjudicated what list that suppose to be used the chairman of the panel Talib Tebite came up with a concocted list they wanted to use but the INEC officials said no, and then two other members of the panel.

“They wanted to give them money that the Governor was upstairs and was ready to give them but they declined and refused; they sent for them severally and they decided to conduct the election with the delegates list as contained in the list of the Federal High Court. But they were acting in contempt of the law so I am satisfied with the outcome of the result as monitored by the INEC officials.

“As you said, the governor wanted to put a stooge, a few people will have such tendencies that are mega-millennial in nature. You cannot rule all the offices at the same time. Yes the governor is a leader of the party but that does not his exclusive reserve to keep all the positions to himself. We did not donate the party to him as franchise, we voted for him to be governor and at this point in time, we don’t think he’s doing well and we don’t want him to go back to the Senate; he was there before and he has come to become Governor, we don’t have roads, we don’t have water, we don’t have rural electrification, and then you think we are a conquered generation, we are not,” Hon. Jarigbe stated.

As stipulated in the report, “There are 643 delegates from all the five Local Governments that made up Cross River North Senatorial District. The said delegates were identified by means of their permanent voter’s card or party membership card which corresponded with the name on the delegates register. The register was ticked to mark accreditation, of the delegates.

“The accreditation process was disrupted by gunshots and thugs over the delegates list. There was strong disagreement on the use of a delegates list different from the one ordered by the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt Division, on 4th September, 2020.

“Some members of the PDP Electoral Panel who insisted on using the Court Ordered Delegates list relocated to another hall within Ogoja LGA Secretariat where the accreditation process was concluded using the Court Ordered Delegates List,” the report read in part.

While speaking on the circumstances surrounding the murder of Mr. Charles Onweh, the lawmaker alleged that “there had been incessant calls from Hon. Cynthia Nkasi, that kept coming with disturbing regularity seeking to know the location of Mr. Emmanuel Ngu and his associates, in real time, and by extension, their final destination.

“No gainsaying the fact that the allegations as made above carries weight, such that the interest of the family of the deceased, the friends of the deceased, the dependents of the deceased and the society at large must be to force to ensure justice.

“I wish to commend the good office of the Inspector General of Police to the dictum of Ngwuta, JSC in OKON v. STATE (2014) LPELR 22446 where he stated thus: ‘The concept of Justice is a triplet of justice for the Victim whose life was cut short in a brutal manner and whose innocent blood cried to high heavens for vengeance, the perpetrators who cannot be denied the benefit of the procedure ordained by God in the Garden of Eden (fair trial/hearing) and the society whose membership has been depleted by one by desecration of its values.’

“I am mindful of the demands of Justice which requires that you cause an investigation into these allegations with a view to hand down reprimands within the ambit of the law.

“While I hope for your urgent intervention of the Inspector General Police, I pray that he will give this petition the solemn attention it greatly deserves,” Rep. Jarigbe urged.

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