The Nollywood JULIET IBRAHIM life and passion~ Running into her, the first thing that strikes you is her beauty; Juliet Ibraheem is extremely charming – from her dentition, to her shape, smile and carriage.

Talking to her, you soon discover she is extremely brilliant too.
She is one of those making the Nigerian movie industry a.k.a Nollywood to tick with her magnificent acting skills; not just in Nigeria but in Ghana as well.
Ebony Herald International Magazine took her up on some issues and about her life,generally.
Commenting on Nollywood, she believes it would fair better if the government invests more on it confirming what Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – the Minister of Finance during the Goodluck Jonathan era said in 2015 and even attributed the enviable position Nigeria held then as the number one economy in Africa,in part,to the contributions from Nollywood.
Getting the screen goddess to talk about herself was not exactly easy but she obliged after some prodding.

Born into a family of four – three girls and a boy, Juliet’s father is from Lebanon while her mum is from Ghana. Surprised?
She grew up in Ivory Coast where she schooled, and believe it or not, Juliet speaks the English, French, Spanish and Hausa languages! I conversed with her in French and Hausa and she responded promptly.
Her first movie was titled “Yankee Boys” and was shot in Ghana in 2014 after she successfully scaled through the audition.
Between then and now, she has done over 50 movies. Which of her movies does she like best?

Juliet Ibrahim with her family members

“Shattered Romance,” she responds.
A single mother, she lives in Lagos with her son from where she has continued to feature in great movies.
Sadly, Juliet lost her dad early in life leaving her business woman mother to cater for the family.
Even though she admits Nigeria has her challenges, she is optimistic they are not insurmountable and posits the youths should champion this change.
She asks her fans to expect the best from her in the future.
She runs the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation which caters for the less privileged as well as patients with kidney ailments.

Juliet Ibrahim with orphans in her orphanage.

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