Had it being that a Muslim from the north was nominated to replace Godwin Emefiele as the CBN Governor, the notorious Nigerian Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) would have quickly rushed to the media and accuse PMB of manifesting the Islamisation agenda in the apex bank of the land. They would have describe the nomination as another Stealth Jihad against the Nation’s Christian or worst they would have concluded that the nation’s economy is now completely handed over to the Islamist!
They have remain silent not only because Godwin Emefiele is a Christian but anybody can be so appointed as long as he is not a Muslim or a Northerner. PMB has the best reason for reappointing or nominating Emefiele for a second term, but permit me to say if Godwin Emefiele was reappointed/nominated for a second term in office just to score some cheap political goals then to say the least it is rather unfortunate! The APC lead government should have think twice rather than play politics with the nation’s economy upon which lies the life of the citizen of this nation.
Going by the lay man’s analysis, Emefiele is the worst CBN governor the nation have ever witnessed! The economy went into recession under him, the dollar which is the pillar upon which the Nigerian economy is errected went up as high as N500 and it has being predicted that worst days are ahead. The economy was devalued as high as 700% which in turn made life unbearable to the average citizen of this nation. As at the time Emefiele took over as the CBN Governor for instance rice which is a staple food of the Nigerian citizen was sold between N5000 and N6000, at a time during his administration of the nation’s economy, rice was sold at N23000! Even as at today a bag of local rice is about N12000 while the so called foreign rice is between N16000 and N18000.
The life of the masses became precarious under the governorship of Emefiele at the CBN while his policies only favoured some few rich elites who are highly connected if I would use the word of SLS. As the CBN governor the country became the world capital of poverty, the poverty index of the nation became a global reference point. People were dying of hunger, and as a spiral effect of poverty banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, ritual killing etc became the order of the day in our nation.
This write up is not basically to analyse the performance of the nations economy under Emefiele using a lay man’s parameter, it is aimed at looking at the activities of the notorious NCEF and the phylosophy behind their public outcry most importantly under the present dispensation. In recent time the Nigerian Christian Elders Forum and it’s mother body CAN have shown, resonated, demostrated and propagated manifest and radical enmity of Islam and the Muslims. They have aggressively attacked Islam and it’s heritage, they have recklessly criticise any favour done to the Muslim by the present administration, they have injected and infested an average Christian in Nigeria today with a deadly hatred for the Muslim, Islam and it’s heritage. Had it being a Muslim even from the south was so nominated to replace Godwin Emefiele hell would have let loose!
The NCEF are made up of people with questionable personality, it is a fraternity of the wicked and blood thirsty Christians who preys on the Muslim to feed their Satanic appetite. General Zamani Lekwot supervised the killings of harmless and defenceless Muslims in Zango Kataf. He carried out the massacre of innocent and armless Muslims in the Mosque during a Friday prayer. He was arrested, incercerated and sentenced to death! He was eventually granted a presidential perdon through his connection to walk freely within the midst of those whom he supervised the slaughtering of their beloved ones! What an Irony!
Boson Emmanuel is a certified and professional hate speech presenter, he was commissioned to spread hate speech against the Muslim in the wake of the 2015 general election, he prophesied doom should APC win the election. As an ordeined Pastor of the Redeem Church, even when a most senior Pastor from his church was nominated as the running mate of Buhari he insisted that APC is a Muslim/Jihad party and that the party is here to consolidate the Jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio. He went round the country to misinform the church that APC would spill their blood to rule this country and if the party clinches power the christian are doomed! He prophesied that GEJ was the anointed massiah who will salvage the church from the sultanate who is hell bent to Islamise the Nation at the espense of the Christian blood!
These are some of the people parading themselves as the elders of Christian in the nation, whenever they come out with their spurious releases it is but to spread hate speech about Islam and the Muslim in this country! Whatever the government of Buhari does will be blackmailed as being an Islamisation agenda or a Jihad against the Christian, even the war against Corruption is labelled war against the Church! They have consolidated their plan to ignite a religious war in this country using politics! Most of them are war vetran they make their gains from violence, they are blood thirsty and are looking for an opportunity to spill the blood of innocent citizen in this country! They continue to spread hatred about Islam and the Muslim in this country while the Security agencies treat them as untouchable. They spread evil in our land while the media help in its consolidation and the security organisations look the other way as if they are with a constitutional immunity.
I am saying it without any apology or fear that PMB shouldn’t have nominated Godwin Emefiele for a second term because as at today the nation’s economy is far worst than he met it and I will find it difficult to believe that perchance he was nominated for the second term in other to repair it! It is rather unfortunate that PMB’s administration is characterise with allowing an unperforming officer to continue in office. For instance the nation’s security is deteriorating on daily bases, people are being slaughtered on minute bases, well meaning Nigerians are calling for the retirement or sack of the service chiefs, they insisted the service chiefs should be given a matching order and if they fall short of expectation they should be replaced! But Baba Buhari not only keep them but still find it convenient to work with these expired officers! The economy has performed woefully under Emefiele yet he must serve another term, I wonder what his list would look like by the time he unveiled it at the dawn of his second term.
Baba Buhari should know that Nigerians are suffering, people are hungry, the real money value have being completely eroded in the last five years of Emefiele! The economy is worst to the level that even the so called minimum wage will not be able to perform any miracle! The plight of the average Nigerians would have being prioritise above ethnic, religious or political sentiment in the nomination of the hand to drive the nation’s apex bank in the next five years

S A Folayemi
Political and Religious Analyst
11th May 2019

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