A truck driver whose names were not yet confirmed have been reported dead while carrying an empty container belonging to ZIM company to TICP terminal at TinCan 2nd gate.
The deceased reportedly deid on the early hours on Tuesday, while on a queue going to TICP to offload am empty container to TinCan Island ports.
Speaking to newsmen on the sad event, a member of the task force of the Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners(NARTO) Mr. Lukman Adebayo Lawal, said the incident was as result of stress.
He also said that the late driver lacked enough money to take care of himself even as he added the previous day, officers of the Nigerian Navy, harassed and extorted the driver.
“This morning the Assistant driver aka, Motorboy, came to tell us that one driver died in the container. When we got there we met the corpse there, we now asked the a assistant driver, he said that they have been on the queue for a long time. He was carrying ZIM empty container going to TinCan 2nd gate going to TICP terminal”
“He said that the deceased has been sick since Monday and they don’t have money to take him to hospital. He also said that the Naval officers at Mile 2 had beaten the driver on Monday and collected all the mony they had so there was no more money to rush the driver to hospital”
According to him, the driver died inside the 40ft container where he slept with the assistant driver.
“So as they slept on Monday night against Tuesday, the assistant driver went to buy food for him on Tuesday morning for the driver to eat on getting there he discovered that the driver is dead, he died inside 40ft container. He slept inside the container and he died there, it is over stress that killed the driver and there was no money to take him to hospital”
He called on the government to come to their rescue by ensuring that a lasting solution is carried out on the consistent traffic gridlock on the axis.
“We are calling on the government to come to our aid by making these roads motorable, especially this 2nd gate and Apapa. The trouble here is much” he said

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