Ekiti State police command has called on the leaders of an unregistered organisation “the ex-graduates to stay away from Ekiti State, in a press realease from the office of the PPRO Ekiti State DSP Caleb Ikechukwu, the Command stated that through intelligence gathering, they have been reliably informed that some group of person(s) who tag themself ex-graduates who are not currently students of any Higher Institution of Learning in Ekiti State are presently moving into Ekiti State with the sole aim of fermenting trouble or plan to incite the peace loving Youth and People of Ekiti State.

It is on record that Ekiti State is the Most Peaceful State in Nigeria.

The Police Command is therefore using this medium to warn any one or group of Person(s) against any unlawful Assembly with an intent to cause violence or breach of Peace.

“The Police Command have the Constitutional Mandate to Maintain Law and Order and also to stop or advice any Gathering which we  thinks might cause a break of law and order”.

The police command warn further that the authority will deal decisively with any one or group of person(s) who takes Law into their hands.

The comand stress further that Such a person or group of person(s) will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly no matter how highly placed.

The police Command advise that there are channels and procedure for addressing issues.


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