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Passage of a Patriot, a friend, a Philanthropist, Benefactor and brother to many. Dr. Wahab Oluropo Adegbenro Ondo State Hon. Commissioner for Health.



The Sky turned blue at noon and within minutes the cumulus gathered with tinny dew drops falling at noon. No rain, no rain, no no rain

The sky changed its colour a mixture of blue and white fading gradually to usher in the sun and the sun set from the flaming hill of Ilara mokin at noon, hiding the sun in clouds full of fears.

My phone bip endlessly for what? Bip no more my phone. I do not want to hear, I want no news, no news please. The loving beat has stopped.. Don’t stop the music please, please bring back our man

Oluropo! Oluropo!! Oluropo Adegbenro don’t go please, don’t go away.

Children are crying, mothers are weeping, fathers perspiring in the cold.. Iku ika ni o. Omu en ire lo

Adieu a friend like a father

Lai Gidado.

Dr Adegbenro used his hospital for charity to helped many people.haaa his very humble & generous. May Allah comfort the family left behind.

Comrade Alaba Isijola

former HOS Ondo State

The state has lost an uncommon man, personally ,I have lost a brother, my personal physician , my benefactor and an amiable gentleman. A community man , and a refined politician . Is a personal lost to me , I saw him at distance few days ago lying on a three seater in his house , he told me Hon , I need a rest I said yes, I just came to see madam kk who was rushed to his hospital , Yesterday d wife called me, I was in d house d woman looked worried , I left the house without seen Doc as I used to call him bcs fears grip my mind . Today the humanitarian doctor bowed out quietly but thrown d entire state into total mourning . Adieu Doc. O ma Che oooo o I feel pains in my heart. This is supreme sacrifices !

Hon. Saka Yusuf Ogunleye.

Commissioner for Work and infrastructure

Death that sucks, Bites and lick one’s solemn soul.
The guerilla that surf lovers hope,
And awards nothing but danger!
The loyal messenger of tears,
That makes one’s spirit to disappear.
Here lies the savior of all,
Who fought our visible battles
And carry the cross we carry.
one who accompanied bullets of tears.
And weapons of destruction for the survival of all.
Our land is mourning!!!!!
Here he lies,
That your spirit we pray,
Will set to rest,
In the paradise of Perfection!

The exit of a great philanthropist and lover of mankind.
The CEO of “Crown Hospital” in person of Hon. Commissioner for Health Dr. Abdulwahab Oluropo Adegbenro.

The best man I ever known.
A through definition of mankind.
The best defender that Ilara-mokin and Ondo State at large ever produce.
The promise keeper.
The rescued Master.
The shield that cover us
Your death is more painful than what of crying for, your death is highly disheartening.
We Ilara-mokin youth we feel so dejected and our land is mourning.
No Ilara-mokin indigene that would ever sing any other song than to say “take me to Crown Hospital” when they’re sick whether you have money or not, you have been secured when you get there.
As from now henceforth our song won’t be Valid anymore 😭😭😭.

Your Memory will always remain afresh in our mind.

May your Gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Ameen πŸ™

Alli Najeem Idowu
(Ilara mokin youth)

O God ! What a death of an amiable,loving,gentle,kind,highly dedicated Medical Doctor Wahab Adegbenro ?May Allah Grant you eternal rest, Amen.
Ven.Nelson Fadoju.

All deaths are painful but some deaths are too painful.
The death of Dr Wahab Adegbenro is too painful. Gosh! If you have ever met him, you will understand why.

Some lessons I learnt from him.
Be humble. Even with his position as the Commissioner of Health, he is so humble to everyone.
He will never say, he is a big man in a position and be arrogant to the young, old or less privileged.

He is always happy to help everyone no matter who you are. Just ask anybody close to him to link you up with Dr Adegbenro and he will pick your call and help you.

Ile aye ni ati le se ore fun eda

No matter how busy he is, he will create a space in his busy schedule for you to come and speak to him.

So Daddy Wahab Adegbenro is gone. OMA se Ooo. Ile n je eniyan rere.

His death pained me ooo. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Daddy Abiyamo rere, sun re ooo. May heaven receive you, Amen.

Mrs Olubola Adeleye

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