The Chairman of the peoples Democratic party in Ekiti state, Barr Gboyega Oguntuwase has described as a product of an amateur blackmailer the purported letter the All Progressive Congress said he signed against Governor Ayo Fayose on behalf of the State Working Committee.
In a statement he issued on Monday, Oguntuwase said ” My attention has been drawn to the product of the amateur blackmailers who said the Ekiti State Working Committee of the PDP of which am the chairman is accusing the state governor, Dr Peter Ayo Fayose of wanting to compromise the candidacy of the Aremo Oshoko, Prof Kolapo Olusola Eleka, the said statement had a name called Barr Gbenga Oguntuase as the person that signed as the chairman of PDP”
1. I am Barr Gboyega Oguntuwase, the State chairman of PDP in Ekiti state and state that I did not issue and or sign the said statement.
2.All the statement credited to the State Working Committee in the said document are false and not known to us .
3. Our belief in Dr Peter Ayo Fayose ( Peter the Rock) as the leader of the Party and unrepentant champion of continuity is uncompromising.
4. The statement that is issued with a lot of grammatical errors can only be a product of ignoramus and illiterates wanting to play a fast blackmail to please his Master and may be trying to cause disaffection within a family that can never be divided.
5. Our 100% commitment to continuity is personally encouraged and engineered by Dr Peter Ayo Fayose; no wonder we say ‘Fayose leads we follow’.
6. The said statement is a distraction to our intention to expose the violence nature of APC in Ekiti state which started on the day their candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi came to start his campaign in the state with bad omens with bullets within them hitting one of our brother and their member Barr Opeyemi Bamidele and several others from their party.
7. The violence activities of APC are noticeable in the destruction of our billboards in Ikere, Ikole, Oye and just yesterday in Ekiti West local government areas where they stabbed people with broken bottles while other weapons were freely used. This we shall report to the appropriate agencies.
8. Is it imaginable that Ekiti people despite the violence nature of the the Federal Government leading the attacking forces of the APC candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi would make a man freely called thief by his Party members and who Ekiti people called Mr nonperformance rule the state again.
9. Ekiti people know our integrity, those of us at the leadership of PDP are in a convenantal relationship never to betray one another, on this resolution we stand for ever.
10. If the amateur blackmailer has known our pedigrees and level of our integrity which is unassailable and without blemish he would not have concocted such cheap story.
11. Behind Fayose we stand to establish continuity.
Barr Gboyega Oguntuwase
State chairman, PDP, Ekiti state

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