President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he was highly impressed with the educational, industrial, health, agricultural and road projects constructed by Governor Kashim shettima’s administration of 8 years in the state.

He also expressed hope that the orphans and motherless will surely get quality education and brighter future with the educational facilities provided by the state government.
He also stated that federal government is aware that the state government have sponsored some Chibok abducted schoolgirls into various secondary and tertiary institutions both within and outside Nigeria to acquire standard and quality education.

Buhari stated this Thursday at the Shehu of Borno’s Palace while responding to remarks made by the royal father, Alhaji Abubakar Garbai Ibn El Kanemi and Governor Kashim Shettima during his one day state visit to the state to commission some capital projects that were constructed by Gov. Kashim Shettima.

The President appreciated the people of Borno for their concern for him and commended them further for their loyalty to his governennt.

He said he was impressed with the capital projects that he commissioned especially the mega primary schools at foundation level, the president regret that there are still some abducted school girls under the captivity of the Boko haram.

He further commended the state government for committing a lot to the provision of quality education, health facilities, factories, agricultural implements and roads among others to boost socio economic activiities of the state.

President Buhari assured the people of Borno of his continued support to the state and restoration of peace while thanking the people and governennt of Borno again for their support and loyalty

Governor Kashim Shettima in his remarks said without the support and concern of President Buhari in the past 4 years of his administration, Borno state could have been a history by now.

He also stated that all that were achieved in the state including relative peace and growth could not have been achieved in the state without the support of President Buhari.

Shettima further appreciated the support and fatherly role played by the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Abubakar Garbai Ibn El Kanemi in the restoration of peace in the state and region.

According to him, Borno people are indeed highly indebted to Mr. President for his support and concern while appreciating the royal father for his royal blessing.

He noted that lack of access to education and high rate of unemployment are the root causes of Boko haram Insurgency which informed his governennts commitment and investments in education and job creation through Industrialisation.

The governor added that he was very passionate about education and welfare of the citizenry while expressing hope that in the coming few years, the benefits of the education, industrial development and growth of agriculture will start yielding result, stressing that, the incomng governor is a seasoned educationist, vast and competent to continue from where we stopped.

The Shehu of Borno, Alahji Abubakar Garbai Ibn El Kanemi earlier in his speech thanked President Buhari for his visit to the state for the commissioning of capital projects.

He acommended Buhari for his support and efforts in the fight against Boko haram insurgency and pledged to continue to pray for the restoration of peace in the state and the country at large.

The royal father appreciated the performance of Governor Kashim Shettima in the areas of education, health, housing and agriculture while expressing hope that such facilities will definitely address unemployment among youths which is one of the root ccasues of the insurgency.

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