Peace has finally returned to the acient town of Awo Ekiti after the bloody yam festival.

After hours of fighting between rival groups, a detachement of Nigerian police force mobile unit was sent to the town by Ekiti State Police Commissioner to quel the riot.
When Ebony Herald contacted the monarch of the town Oba Sulieman Abdulazeez Olaleye, the Alawo of Awo Ekiti, the Oba thanked the Divisional Police officer and specially appreciated the Ekiti State Police Commissioner for his assistance for his effort that brought the situation under control, the monarch lamented that despite the destruction of properties which is now becoming an annual occourence in the town, no arrest was made, he said the ring leaders and perpetrators of the evil act should be made to face the law.
Oba Olaleye apealled to Ekiti State government and the Security agencies to investigate the cause of this Periennial crises to put an end to the problem, saying Awo Ekiti is a peace loving town.

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