Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is the ancestral home of the majority of black race all over the world. Notwithstanding the amalgamation of 1914 concocted by Lord Lugard, Nigeria remains largely a heterogeneous society made up of different tribes (over 250) with different and diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. The reason for the ‘marriage’ of the then strange bed fellows was largely to pave way for the administrative convenience of the colonial masters and their interest in exploiting the natural resources of the largest colony in Africa.

In view of the recent happenings on our land, there is need for another sovereign national conference where the necessity for the continuation of our unity and corporate existence will be thoroughly debated by the major stake holders.

The conference is very important to clarify the following:

Status of each member region/group/zone

Resources control

Land Use act

Quota system and power sharing

State of origin and tribes

Security / terrorism

Power devolution

Population, local government and revenue sharing formulation

All the above are the neglected issues rocking the foundation of our union.


The sovereign national conference should be treated as a matter of must and urgency. In view of the song, TO YOUR TENT O ISREAL, inadvertently being sung by the citizenry i.e. the evacuation of indigenes of the Southern States from the crisis prone Northern states, non-acceptance of posting to Northern states by the youth corps members of southern origin and the request for Biafra republic by our Igbo brother, the recent request for the republic of Oduduwa and the continualoo Fulani herdsmen request for cattle colonies in all states.

The kernel of our problem is the mutual suspicion and distrusts amongst the major ethnic tribes’ vis-à-vis the minorities, regarding power control. This is a trait that has all along being the hallmark of the American democracy that has stood the test of time. The panacea to these problems is trust based on love, tolerance and affection for fellow citizens, regardless of religion, language, tribe or colour

 eventually a sovereign national conference is held, what should be uppermost in the mind of delegates at such conference should be how to stamp out of the federation tribal allegiance, religious intolerance, power mongering and fundamentalism. Every delegate should see himself first as a Nigerian rather than a representative of a particular tribe or ethnicity, so that debate at the conference can be done with open mind and objectivity bereft of sectional interest. By this, the issues raised above for clarification can be given objective appraisals with the concomitant solution emerging.

Upon the above, Danladi born in Lagos should see himself as a Lagosian and Adebayo born in Bida should see himself as a Nigerlite while Babagana born in Onitsha should see Anambra as his home otherwise we would continue to live in fool’s paradise.

The ongoing Fulani Herdsmen menace calls for serious concern and the question like ‘who owns the cows’ should be of interest. My personal encounter with a cow boy in my little garden has kept me wondering if the cattle rearers are the real owners of the cows. Most of the cows you see in the urban centres belong to retired military officers, retire permanent secretaries and politicians. Our elites and business men should be sincere with the rest of us.

On the last note, let’s come together and discuss our future. Disintegration will do us no good as it is being contemplated at the local level and the international plane, particularly by the self acclaimed POLICE OF THE WORLD (U.S.A), who continues to use their size to gain socio-political and economic relevance in the committee of nations.

Our size, population wise, should be seen as a blessing rather than a curse. Therefore, we should cherish, adore it and hallow it at all times, ‘come rain, come shine’. The above is a food for thought. God bless Nigeria.

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